Latest Updates From EuroFreight


Feb 2021


Brexit Deal Impact on Freight Shipping: Malta, EU and the UK caught between a new deal and Covid-19

Shipping rates are up for logistics operators in Malta and all over Europe. EuroFreight is doing our best to adjust to this new reality, new structures in the supply chains and supporting our customers.


Dec 2020


Shipping Container Freight Rates are Soaring

Shipping container freight rates are soaring largely due to a quick rebound from Covid-19 in Asia where Chinese exports now are booming while container ships are stuck on the wrong side of the sea.


Oct 2020


Technologies That Are Transforming The Logistics Industry

Supply chain leaders are adapting and setting new standards. Standards that are not only expected to be met, but to be exceeded in terms of customer expectations and demand. What are these new technologies that are being used, and how will they impact logistic supply chains.


May 2020


Safe Cargo Shipping Rules during Covid-19 Outbreak

To curb the difficulties the Coronavirus has brought on we have seen new safe cargo shipping rules, allowing for trade on a global scale to continue.


Apr 2020


Brief History of Truck Freight

EuroFreight are excited to be part of this continous journey of innovation and in shaping the future of shipping and truck freight.


Mar 2020


EuroFreight Services LTD. COVID-19 Business Continuity

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone from our families and to our businesses. As the situation continues to affect our world, we wanted to reach out and update you on how we’re supporting our employees, our community and you—our customers and partners.


Mar 2020


Coronavirus Disrupting Logistical Chains Globally

Economical side-effects are felt as the world's main manufacturing hub is closed down, normally serving as a vital facilitator of global supply chains - affecting container shipping at large.


Mar 2020


How the Coronavirus is Impacting the Shipping Industry in Malta

Automation? Machine learning? No, the Coronavirus is disrupting the shipping industry.


Feb 2020


How Brexit is Impacting the Shipping Industry

While there are still a lot of unknowns regarding Brexit we already know about some changes that have come about since the 29th of January.