New Safe Cargo Shipping Rules amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

In the shipping industry, we've had to face increased pressure due to the unique situation we are in, our industry is continuously being impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. The shipping industry plays an important role in the working of the economy and our everyday life. To curb the difficulties the current situation has brought on we have seen new safe cargo shipping rules, allowing for trade on a global scale to continue. In general, medical and essential supplies have an increased priority in the logistical chain. Temperature on personnel and cargo crews are systematically checked across all shipping categories.


Local Precautionary Measures at the Malta Freeport




New Air Cargo Shipping Rules

Airlines have been transforming their fleets or airplanes into cargo planes in order to help to ship goods and supplies between countries. In most cases, pilots and cargo crew are exempt from the temporary rules regarding quarantine and travel restrictions. In addition to this, all crews operating within air cargo needs to adhere to the guidelines recommended by WHO.


New Road Cargo Shipping Rules

New Safe Cargo Shipping Rules have also been implemented within road freight to make sure that cargo keeps moving as usual in and between borders, although at a slower pace since the coronavirus outbreak. EU member states have introduced border control and other restrictions. In many countries, drivers need to go through medical checks and temporary relaxation in regards to the truck driver's maximum driving hours rules. The time relaxation mainly concerns medical supplies and essential products. Drivers in transit are exempt from any quarantine travel restrictions in all member states, while some countries, such as Belgium are enforcing the 14-day quarantine rule for trucks that have an end destination in the country.


Local Heroes amidst Coronavirus Outbreak in Malta

Earlier this month Malta Freeport Terminals sounded their horns to celebrate the maritime workers in the country. We wanted to extend this, to honor all of the hands involved with the shipping of cargo in Malta. We are very proud of the employees and colleagues at EuroFreight, all doing their best and contributing in these trying times. We are operating as usual during these times and you can reach us on our email or phones, you can always reach out if you need a shipping quote for your cargo.

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