How Brexit is Impacting the Shipping Industry

Most details of the Brexit deal are still unknown as we're currently in a transition period amidst the UK leaving the European Union. Details are being worked out and we expect that a lot of changes will come as the dust gradually settles.

While there are still a lot of unknowns, we already know about some changes that have come about since the 29th of January when it comes to transport in, through and to the UK.


Transportation of Goods

Drivers who are are moving goods across the border are required to fill in a customs declaration along with documentation related to safety and security. After a driver obtains permission to move they can go ahead and transport the goods to terminals or ports.
If a driver is denied permission, they need to transport the goods to designated locations while waiting to receive permission to move the goods to its destination.


What it Mean to Freight Forwarders

European freight forwarders that ship goods to, through and from the UK need to carry proof of insurance and a copy of a community license.

International road haulage permits may be needed for some shipments. Such road haulage permits are valid when presented together with a VRT certificate proving vehicle is roadworthy, a certificate of compliance and an international road haulage logbook.



In addition to this, there are several different types of documents required for goods shipped into the European Union. Documentation related to the ATA Convention, the TIR Convention, and the Common Transit Convention.

When shipping excise goods, besides being subject to excise duty, freight forwarders are asked to present W8 form, commercial documents containing the administrative reference code, electronic administrative documents, and customs declaration.

While we know that this information is not complete, we hope it can provide some guidance. With time we expect to know more and hope to share the news with you as we carry lots of shipments to, through and from the UK to Malta on a regular basis.

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