Sea Freight to Malta


Sea has always been one of the most popular modes for transport. High load capacity, low costs and reliability in harsh weather conditions are some of the factors as to why it is so popular to use sea transport. Sea freight is a favored mode of transport across long and short distances, large volumes as well as for smaller volumes grouped together within a container - FCL and LCL Sea Freight allows for cost-effective freight forwarding of cargo to and from Malta.


What is FCL and LCL in Sea Freight?


FCL is an abbreviation of Full Container Load. If you have large volumes of cargo, enough to fill a container the most cost-effective option is FCL.

LCL is an abbreviation of Less Than Container Load. If you need to ship cargo and don't have enough volume to fill up an entire container your cargo will be grouped together with cargo of other customers in the same container.

If you have smaller volumes of cargo it is difficult to get a competitive shipping rate. Fortunately there are many other people and companies in the same situation who wants to send consignments of sub-optimal size. EuroFreight are able to arrange for groupage shipping at competitive prices by consolidating your cargo. We would require to know the terms of shipping, origin and destination, alongside your cargo details - weight and measurements. We will then arrange the most effective transportation mode for your shipment. EuroFreight are also able to offer value added services such as insurance which you can read more about here.


EuroFreight Services


EuroFreight are here to assist you in getting the best type of shipment based on the content and volume of your cargo as well as the level of security and insurance required during the sea transport.



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