Cargo Shipping Categories

Cargo shipping can be divided into several categories including Parcel Shipments, Express Shipments and Household Goods.


Parcel Shipments

Parcels are shipped in small boxes weighing up to 50 KG. Parcel shipments are usually packaged by the carrier or the shipper and are normally transported by rail or road. For Malta specifically, cargo shipping of parcels are also transported by sea or air.

Parcel shipments delivery times are divided into different categories; Guaranteed, Economic and Express. For domestic shipments in specific European Countries, such as Malta you have Domestic delivery categories: Guaranteed Domestic, Economic Domestic and Next Day Domestic Delivery. For delivery of parcels between different EU member states customers can choose from different delivery categories: Three-Day Guaranteed, Economy and Express Delivery.

Prices for parcel shipments vary based on weight and size of the parcel, destination and what type of delivery option.


Express Shipments

Express shipments is another cargo shipping category which typically contain documents and letters which are shipped in envelopes. Express shipments weigh up to a few kilograms. Typical content of express shipments include materials such as promotions, business advertising, business communication and personal letters.


Household Goods

Household goods shipments are usually used during corporate relocation, personal moves or for diplomatic missions. Items include small and large appliances, furniture and other personal belongings. Mode of transportation depends on location and urgency.


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