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Welcome to Euro Freight

EuroFreight Services Ltd, has been established since 1999.

Since inception, the main objective has been to be one of the non vessel owning cargo consolidators into Malta.

Today the company ranks as one of the largest Maltese based cargo LCL/LTL operators.

To get to this level, we have carefully assembled a professional and dedicated network of agents and cargo associates, who are leaders in their respective markets.

+ 356 21 252 773

+ 356 21 252 776



  • Silence marks Aberfan disaster anniversary Wales falls silent as the country remembers the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster, in which 144 people - 116 of them children - died.
  • 'Fake Sheikh' Mazher Mahmood jailed over Tulisa case Undercover journalist Mazher Mahmood, known as the "Fake Sheikh", is jailed for 15 months for tampering with evidence in a case involving singer Tulisa Contostavlos.
  • Russian warships pass through English Channel A flotilla of Russian warships is passing through the English Channel en route to Syria.
  • Witney by-election: Tory majority slashed in David Cameron's former seat The Tories hold David Cameron's former seat in a by-election but see their majority fall by 20,000 votes, while Labour wins in the constituency of the late Jo Cox.
  • I woke in a stranger's bed - campus rape victim Newly published guidelines urge universities to support and assist victims of sexual violence on campus.
  • Government borrowing rises to 10.6bn in September Government borrowing rose to a higher-than-expected 10.6bn in September, according to official figures.
  • Refugee who made Lily Allen cry reunited with Dad in Birmingham A young refugee in Calais whose plight reduced singer Lily Allen to tears meets his father for the first time in 10 years after arriving in the UK.
  • Gary Lineker defends his child refugee comments and says he's 'getting a spanking' The Match of the Day host says he's got "a bit of a spanking" on Twitter after making comments about child refugees.
  • Scottish courts back minimum alcohol price Plans to set a minimum price for alcohol in Scotland are backed by the Scottish courts.
  • New nuclear submarine given famous naval name The Ministry of Defence says the first of four submarines to replace the present Trident nuclear missile fleet will be named Dreadnought, echoing famous ships of the past.
  • Fin whale washes up on Norfolk beach A fin whale is found dead on Holkham beach on the North Norfolk coast.
  • Hillary Clinton shows funny side at charity dinner US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton poked fun at rival Donald Trump and at herself at a charity dinner in New York.
  • US election: Trump takes aim at Clinton at gala Donald Trump takes aim at Hillary Clinton in a speech at a traditional charity dinner in New York.
  • 24 hours beneath the Heathrow Airport flight path Reporter Divya Talwar spends 24 hours with a family living beneath the Heathrow flight path, for the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme.
  • Ladies only... #girlgaze instagram account New Instagram account #girlgaze wants to bring more women into photography.
  • Help find Jeremy the 'lefty' snail a mate A rare garden snail with an anticlockwise shell has been discovered in London, but he must mate with similar.
  • Lady Gaga as you've never seen her before? Lady Gaga talks about the inspiration behind her new album, and what she makes of the US presidential elections.
  • Aberfan remembered: Disaster in the Welsh valleys On 21 October 1966, 116 children and 28 adults in Aberfan, south Wales were killed after a waste tip collapsed.
  • Brexit: The pros and cons for Australian trade What could a post-Brexit trade deal with Britain mean for Australia?
  • BBC News Channel Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.
  • Nick Triggle: How much money does the NHS waste? Nick Triggle answers a reader's question on how much of the NHS budget is spent on administration and legal action and what is left for treatment.
  • What's behind plan to move San Francisco homeless? Wealthy San Francisco tech investors are bankrolling a law to ban the city's homeless from pitching tents - will it work?
  • Which Sirs have had their knighthoods taken away? As MPs back calls for Sir Philip Green to be stripped of his knighthood, we look at figures from the past who have lost the honour.
  • At-a-glance - Draft Scottish Independence Referendum bill The key points from the Scottish government's draft legislation consultation on a second independence referendum.
  • Newspaper review: Child migrants and Gary Lineker The debate about child migrants continues in Friday's newspapers, as former footballer Gary Lineker is criticised for his reaction to the story.
  • Sculpture by the Sea The Sydney coastline has been enlivened by the annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition, this year featuring a gigantic flip flop and an upside down rhino.
  • Octopus hunters The white beaches of Zanzibar?s coast are home to the octopus hunters, in search of the delicacy.
  • Rising ape A photo of an orangutan climbing high into a tree to reach some figs takes the top honour in the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.
  • The tragedy of Aberfan Cofio 50 mlynedd ers y drychineb lofaol // 50 years since the tragic coal mining disaster at Aberfan in south Wales
  • Little troopers A collection of photos of children and their parents who serve in the British Armed Forces has been brought together by a charity helping military families.
  • Paul Pogba: Man Utd boss Jose Mourinho says midfielder needs time to settle Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho says he did not expect Paul Pogba, who starred in the win over Fenerbahce, to adjust to playing in England again quickly.
  • Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is right on Theo Walcott - Martin Keown Arsenal forward Theo Walcott's improved form is down to his new mindset, says Match of the Day pundit Martin Keown.
  • Fernando Alonso: McLaren-Honda driver still Formula 1's gold standard Fernando Alonso talks to Andrew Benson about changed priorities, the roots of his skills, his toughest rivals and whether the fire still burns.
  • 7 days quiz The Magazine's weekly quiz of the news, 7 days 7 questions.
  • 'I make a difference' At the Internet Watch Foundation, a team of 12 analysts spend their days viewing hundreds of images of child sexual abuse in order to block content - and even help rescue some abused children. BBC News finds out what doing the job is like.
  • Pedals slain Officials defend hunters following outcry over slaying of bear who was social media star.
  • Baring all Elena Palumbo-Mosca talks about why she was happy to cover her body in paint to create artworks for the French artist Yves Klein in 1960.
  • Public backlash Black Mirror writer Charlie Brooker says his own experience of a public backlash influenced one of the latest episodes of the acclaimed series which deals with hatred on social media.
  • Behind the smile The Gambia is known to tourists as "the smiling coast of West Africa", but this masks something more troubling, as Chris Simpson has been finding out.
  • E-state agent Their flat fees are less than those charged by traditional High Street agents, attracting customers and investors alike, but do online agents offer good value?
  • Double life As the government announces pardons for thousands of gay men, one 93-year-old explains what it was like to be homosexual when it was still illegal.
  • How hackers handle stolen login data If your personal data gets stolen, how long do you have before the criminals come calling?

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